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We're a small business,
taking care of business.

Providing a wide range of hardware and digital solutions for individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom and beyond.



Get your hands on the hardware you need, brand new or secondhand.

Perhaps you're in need of a workstation, monitor, printer or a rack server even. Whatever you're after, big or small, brand new or secondhand, you can check out our online store!

computer Enterprise Servers
memory Memory Modules
devices Laptops and Tablets
hard_drive Storage Devices
deskphone Business Phones
monitor Desktop Monitors
smartphone iOS/Android Smartphones
category and more...


Break down barriers and expand your digital world with Microsoft 365, Windows 11, Adobe Acrobat Pro and more.

Gain access to a wide selection of digital software subscriptions, either for use by yourself or a business. Be up and running in no time with plans tailored to your needs.

terminal Craft the perfect plan that fits your needs with available digital software from Microsoft, Adobe, and many more.
schedule Take control with flexible payment periods. Many services available can be paid for upfront, monthly, annually, or every three years.
credit_card Various payment options are available. From Credit/Debit Card and Instalments, to Bank Transfer and Direct Debit.
lock Take advantage of our Price Lock - where prices paid for subscriptions are locked down for two years.
discount Ordering in bulk (i.e for a group of people within a business etc.)? You may be eligible for a discount. Drop us a line to find out more about what discounts are available.

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