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A small business we may be, but we certainly have a lot to offer. You can explore our current and planned services below.

The Essentials Collection.

On the lookout for digital software for personal or business use? Introducing our core cloud offering, known as The Essentials Collection - a neat little collection of digital software from several vendors, including Microsoft and Adobe, and open to personal and business customers.


Genuine digital software from several vendors such as Microsoft and Adobe.

Our core offering, also dubbed as 'The Original', giving customers access to a wide range of software from several vendors and without the hassle. You can be up and running in no time, and you can purchase upfront or as a subscription.

A set of solutions ideal for those who work remotely and/or in teams.

Geared up for those who may work remotely and/or as part of a team, it is important to have the right tools to work effectively. In line with our Core offering, customers will soon be able to access subscriptions from Dropbox Business and Adobe.
On-Premise for SMEs

Keep your on-premise environments on it's toes with key softwares.

Perhaps you manage an on-premises environment, and look after several users. Make sure you've got the right software on your side. Various softwares available include Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and many more.

An egg from each basket to craft the perfect solution that matches your environment.

We know that not every place is the same: Different requirements, environments etc. The good news is that customers can craft their ideal solution, one which includes elements from our Core, Collaborate and On-Premise offerings.

Essentials Account Manager.

To enhance customer experience, work has now begun on our new Essentials Account Manager, a new space which aims to make it easier for existing Essentials customers to manage their accounts.

Work has now started, and we hope to deliver a working release by Q3 2023.

The Marketplace.

Our newly upgraded marketplace allows customers to purchase digital and physical merchandise. Storage devices (HDD/SSD/SAS), Processors and Monitors are just some of the great items we have available.

memory Memory
computer Desktops
hard_drive Storage
deskphone Deskphones
category and more...

We cater for both personal and business customers, and have several payment methods available as well.